About The Peak

The Peak Hospitality is a private limited company registered under company act with an objective of providing innovative, practical and profitable methods of improving the way hotel properties are operated. The first and primary responsibility of The Peak would be producing solid financial results and in the meantime deliver world class quality services with responsible asset management.

The Peak provides its clients customized independent hotel management solutions to fit our client’s unique needs. The team comprises of professionals and expertise in different segments of hospitality overseeing the hotels of different range and services.

Our core focus areas involve overall management of hotels with specific and catalytical service in financial and revenue management, sales and marketing, human resource management, food and beverage and operational management of hotels.

What We Do?

We work closely and openly with our partners, ensuring that we deliver honest and result focused solutions. We pride ourselves on our friendly and personal approach as well as in-depth understanding of the industry. Our unique proposition is our team members and what that team can achieve on behalf of our partners.


Covering the luxury to economy segments through its brands, The Peak Hospitality have developed and continued to evolve relevant hospitality solutions on as required basis.

Our brands will give revenue and profit guarantees as the foundation of our management agreements as well as solutions for value construction and renovations on new builds and conversion opportunities for our partners and clients.

How We Do

1. Hotel management contract

We manage independent hotels and resorts on behalf of investors and owners. Our management terms are negotiable based on duration and fees.

2. Consultancy/ Technical Support

We recommend hotel or project owners to get us involved as early as possible for the project as it will help set smoother operations, meet the target date of opening or launching of the project and financially profitable to the owners. In the meantime, we give you one-stop solutions to work effectively and efficiently.

3. Pre-Opening Contract

For the Pre-Opening scope of services we provide the followings, please feel free to pick any as per your requirements:

  • Feasibility study.
  • Hotel/resort and facilities brief.
  • Consulting during design and build stages of the project.
  • Development of pre-opening and manning budgets and working capital guidelines.
  • Developing food and beverage operating concepts.
  • Identification, hiring, training of department heads and operational personnel.
  • recommendations for acquisitions of all necessary IT and operating equipment.
  • Development and implementation of marketing, advertising, public relations, and sales plan.
  • Transformation of any structure or property to a hotel/resort.
  • Note: For Technical Services and Pre-opening assistance can only be provided in conjunction with management contracts.

4. Owners representative services

We represent the owners and investors to negotiate the best deal for management company / brands worldwide. We provide full audits, reports/plans of action. Monthly review of results and monthly property visits as well as annual budgets and marketing plans reviews.